Syclone™ Canister Replacement Program 


Thank you for your Syclone Replacement Canister and Recycle Kit purchase. Purchase of the recycle kit also includes processing of the used canister for safe, eco-friendly recycling. Our canister replacement program is designed for a streamlined process from ordering your label to receiving your certificate. 

Before you begin, please have the following available: 

  • Crosstex Dochub sign-in information (if this is the first time visiting the portal, please create a new account using your current amalgam separator serial number)
  • New canister serial number (found on the side of the canister and shipping box)

Check the contents of your new Syclone Replacement Canister and Recycle Kit: 

  • Shipping Box & Cushions 
  • Syclone Instruction and Recycling Sheet 
  • 1 Syclone Replacement Canister 
  • 2 O-rings (additional, added fitting option) 
  • 3 Plugs 
  • 2 Cap Seals
  • 1 Zip-style disposable bag 
  • 1 Return shipping label sleeve 

Send your canister for recycling in just a few easy steps: 

  1. Use the Crosstex DocHub page to generate your label. Make sure to check all the required information. 
  2. An email with information on the label will be sent to the email associated with the account. Print the prepaid shipping label. 
  3. Prepare used canister for shipment and attach label to box. 
  4. Deliver shipment to your UPS driver, local UPS Store, UPS Drop Box or UPS Alliance (Office Depot or Staples). 
  5. After shipment, follow your package from the Crosstex DocHub portal. 
  6. You will receive your certificate once the canister has been received for recycling. 


*Note: Purchase of the recycle kit includes processing of the used canister for recyling. Please follow the directions listed to print your shipping label. The used canister may never be shipped to Crosstex International headquarters and must be sent to a qualifying recycling facility listed on the label.

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Syclone Canister Replacement Guide
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IFU- Syclone Canister Replacement
Instructions for Use (IFU)