STEAMPlus™ Chemical Integrators

STEAMPlus™ is an immediate readout integrator for use in gravity, prevacuum and immediate use cycles.

  • This product is tested to ST-60 and ISO 11140-1:2005 performance claims of Type 5 integrating integrators.
  • 4" strip has distinct pass/fail criteria and allows for easy removal from packs.
  • The STEAMPlus™ is FDA cleared as equivalent in performance to a biological indicator, and offers the highest level of sterility assurance from a chemical indicator.

The STEAMPlus™ does not replace the routine use of a biological indicator. Also available attached to a 3” x 5” Tray Record Card to allow for a permanent physical record of the sterilization cycle.

Ref.# Description UOM
SSI-100 STEAMPlus™ Sterilization Integrator 100/pk
TRC-050 STEAMPlus™ Tray Record Card 50/bx