SporView™ Self-Contained Biological Indicator Tabletop

An in-office biological indicator (BI) system certified for use with all steam sterilization cycles.

  • Ths system gives clear, easy to interpret results for monitoring the effectiveness of the sterilization process.
  • Biological indicator results are known after 24 hours incubation in any compatible dry block incubator operating at 55°-60°C.
  • Accessories include: a 55-60oC dry block incubator that comes with built-in vial crusher and 15 wells.

The Steam Sterilizer Monitoring Starter Kit provides everything needed for effective monitoring of steam table top sterilizers. Each starter kit comes with SporView® Self-Contained Steam Biological Indicators (SCS-025), STEAMPlus™ Sterilization Integrators (SSI-100), 3/4” Steam Indicator Tape (ST-048), 55-60oC Dry Block Incubator (NDB-060) and record notebook (RN-025).

Ref.# Description Quantity
SCS-025 SporView™ Self-Contained Steam Biological Indicators 25/ Box
SCS-100 SporView™ Self-Contained Steam Biological Indicators 100/ Box
SK-115 Steam Sterilizer Monitoring Kit Each
NDB-060 55°-60°C Dry Block Incubator, 11mm Each
RN-025 Record Notebook Each