SporView™ 10 Self-Contained Biological Indicators

SporView® 10 self-contained biological indicators are intended for monitoring the efficacy of saturated steam sterilization processes.

  • SporView® 10 self-contained biological indicator test results shall be recorded at 10 hours and utilize a conventional spore growth readout for rapid and reliable monitoring of steam sterilization processes without the use of enzyme based technology or specific and specialized incubators or monitoring devices.
Ref.# Description Quantity
SVT-050 SporView™10 Self-Contained Steam Biological Indicators 50/ Box
SVT-504 SporView™10 Self-Contained Steam Biological Indicators, 50/bx 4/ Case
NDB-060 55o-60oC Dry Block Incubator, 11mm Each
RN-025 Record Notebook Each