SporView VH2O2 Self-Contained BI

For use in biological monitoring of hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes.

The SporView™ VH2O2 biological indicator (BI) is a self-contained biological indicator intended for use in the STERRAD® 100NX® Standard Cycle.

  • Easy to read - Distinct color change from purple to yellow shows spore growth.
  • Chemical indicator on label - Confirms that sterilization process has occurred.
  • Fits most dry block incubators - Replacement dry block incubators are also available from Crosstex. The incubator is pre-set to the correct temperature range and has 15 wells.
  • Reliable results - available after 24 hours incubation.
Ref.# Description Quantity
VH50U SporView™ VH2O2 Biological Indicator 50 Vials/Box
NDB-060 55-60º Dry Block Incubator; 11mm, 120V  Each
NDB-060-E  55-60º Dry Block Incubator; 11mm, 230V  Each