Spore Suspensions & Strips

    Geobacillus sterothermophilus and Bacillus atrophaeus organisms are available in both dual and single species spore strip formats and come with a 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture when stored as directed. All concentrations are per ml and contain 20% ethanol.

    Each lot is shipped with a Certificate of Performance, which lists the lot specific information and any adherence to USP or ISO performance requirements.

    • Developed specifically for direct inoculation of products and for the preparation of biological indicators.
    • 10 ml vials
    • 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture when stored as directed.

    Soybean casein digestive media is also available for purchase.

    BSV-105G. stearothermophilus 105 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BSV-106G. stearothermophilus 106 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BSV-107G. stearothermophilus 107 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BSV-108G. stearothermophilus 108 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BGV-105B. atrophaeus 105 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BGV-106B. atrophaeus 106 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BGV-107B. atrophaeus 107 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BGV-108B. atrophaeus 108 Spore Suspension10 mL
    BS-104G. stearothermophilus 104 Spore Strip100/bg
    BS-105G. stearothermophilus 105 Spore Strip100/bg
    BS-106G. stearothermophilus 106 Spore Strip100/bg
    BS-107G. stearothermophilus 107 Spore Strip100/bg
    BS-108G. stearothermophilus 108 Spore Strip100/bg
    BG-105B. atrophaeus 105 Spore Strip100/bg
    BG-106B. atrophaeus 106 Spore Strip100/bg
    BG-107B. atrophaeus 107 Spore Strip100/bg
    BG-108B. atrophaeus 108 Spore Strip100/bg
    DS-100Dual Spore Strip (G. stearo. 105 and B. atrophaeus 106)100/bg
    DS-500Dual Spore Strip (G. stearo. 105 and B. atrophaeus 106)500/pk
    DS-1000Dual Spore Strip (G. stearo. 105 and B. atrophaeus 106)1000/pk
    PM-105B. pumilus Spore 105 Strip100/bg
    PM-106B. pumilus Spore 106 Strip100/bg
    PM-107B. pumilus Spore 107 Strip100/bg
    PM-108B. pumilus Spore 108 Strip100/bg
    CM-100Culture Media100/bx
    CM-300Culture Media300/bx