SporAmpule™ Biological Indicator Steam-Tabletop

An in-office biological indicator (BI) system ideal for monitoring liquid cycles and gravity steam sterilization cycles.

  • This system requires no crushing or activation and gives clear, easy to interpret results.
  • Purple to yellow color change or visible turbidity of a processed ampule indicates sterilizer failure.
  • Final results are known after 48 hours incubation in any compatible dry block incubator operating at 55°-60°C.

For new customers: a starter kit is available providing a dry block incubator, record notebook, and a box of 20 BIs.

Ref.# Description Quantity
SA-020 SporAmpule™ Steam BI 20/ Box
SA-100 SporAmpule™ Steam BI 100/ Box
SK-004 SporAmpule™ Starter Kit Each
NDB-060 55°-60°C Dry Block Incubator, 11mm Each
RN-025 Record Notebook Each