Sparkle™ FREE Prophy Paste with Xylitol

  • All the benefits of Sparkle® Prophy Paste in a unique fluoride/dye free formula
  • Available in multiple grits and flavors
  • Free of nuts, soy, milk, eggs, gluten, aspartame, sulfite and corn/corn products
  • Single-use


Ref.# Description Quantity
UPSFCC Cinnamon Coarse Grit 200/Box
UPSFCF Fruity Coarse Grit 200/Box
UPSFCS Spearmint Coarse Grit 200/Box
UPSFCWC White Chocolate Coarse Grit 200/Box
UPSFMC Cinnamon Medium Grit 200/Box
UPSFMF Fruity Medium Grit 200/Box
UPSFMS Spearmint Medium Grit 200/Box
UPSFMWC White Chocolate Medium Grit 200/Box