Sani Vac™ Evacuation System Cleaner

  • Unique Formula – Low-foaming formula includes multiple proteolytic enzymes that efficiently remove a wider range of dental debris than surfactants alone as they specifically break down proteinaceous materials (saliva, mucus and blood) that build up and block evacuation lines
  • Reduced Risk – Routine cleaning will help prevent downtime by ensuring evacuation lines remain unclogged for optimal performance and a reduced risk of cross-infection to patients
  • Color/Scent – Yellow/ Lemon Scent
  • 1:100 Dilution
  • pH 7.8 (prepared solution) meets Best Management Practices for the EPA Dental Amalgam Rule 
  • Treat up to 3 lines per ounce of concentrate
  • Treat up to 384 lines per gallon
  • Ideal for use in both wet/dry vacuum systems and amalgam separators
Ref.# Description Quantity
JVAC Sani Vac Evacuation System Cleaner 1 Gallon Bottle / 3.78 L
New US EPA Regulation on Dental Amalgam Waste
Summary: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) final rule on amalgam separators, effective as of July 14, 2017, affect dental practices nationwide. Key Points include: Dental practices are required to install either an ISO 11143:2008 certified amalgam separator or a certified ANSI/ADA Standard No.108 amalgam separator. Amalgam separation rate must be at least 95%. New dental practices have 90 days to install an amalgam separator. Dental practices who do not currently have amalgam separators have until July 14, 2020 to install an amalgam separator. Dental practices who already have an amalgam separator installed have until July 14, 2017 to install an amalgam separator that meets all the regulation requirements. 
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IFU- Sani Vac™ Evacuation System Cleaner
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