SAFE-FLO™ Saliva Ejector Products

SAFE-FLO® Saliva Ejectors

  • SAFE-FLO® Saliva Ejectors with unique one-way valves provide a barrier that prevents the backflow described in the CDC’s warning on saliva ejectors
  • Easy to use – fully assembled saliva ejector with SAFE-FLO® valve replaces your current saliva ejector
  • The SAFE-FLO® valve slightly shortens the exposed length of the saliva ejector, making it less flexible, allowing easy tissue retraction and better access
  • Available in white and clear


  • SAFE-FLO® SE Valve's unique one-way valve design provides a barrier that prevents backflow
  • Can be used with your favorite brand of saliva ejector, allowing you to continue to use your product of choice while protecting your patients against backflow
  • The SAFE-FLO® SE Valve closes when the suction is stopped or restricted and prevents backflow


  •  For use with HVE tips
  • SAFE-FLO® HV Valve has the same unique one-way valve design that provides a barrier to prevent backflow
  • The SAFE-FLO® HV Valve closes when the suction is stopped or restricted and prevents backflow

SAFE-FLO® Adapter

  • SAFE-FLO® Adapter allows you to use the HV suction line with a standard saliva ejector, providing a higher level of suction to the saliva ejector
  • Using the HV valve can help reduce the bioaerosol and control the volume of water in your patient’s mouth, while preventing backflow if your patient closes their mouth
M1000WHBUSAFE-FLO Saliva Ejector, White 100/Bag
M1001CLBUSAFE-FLO™ Saliva Ejector, Clear100/Bag
M1010SUSESAFE-FLO SE Valve100/Bag
M1030HVSESAFE-FLO HV Valve 100/Bag
M1020ADAPSAFE-FLO Adapter50/Bag