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Sample Pack Collection Includes:

A Secure™ Fit Technology Informational Brochure

ASTM Level 1 Isofluid™  SF Earloop in Pink GCIPKSF

ASTM Level 2 Procedural SF Earloop in Blue GCPBLSF

ASTM Level 3 Ultra-Sensitive SF FogFree™ Earloop in White GCFCXSSF

Fluid Resistance: 80mmHg, exceeds ASTM Level 1 at 99.1% BFE. Color: Blue - GCIPWBSF

Mixed Sample Pack Collection includes:

Ultra™ Sensitive Earloop White GCFCXS

Ultra™ FogFree™ Earloop Blue GCFCX

Procedural Earloop Lavender GCPLV

Isofluid™ Earloop Sapphire GCISA

Isofluid™ Plus Earloop Kaleidoscope GPLUSKA

Blue/White mask sample GPRN95

White mask sample GCPAT

2 oz. JED sample bottle

2 oz. JVAC sample bottle

Sample pack JET

This mixed sample pack includes: 

UltraPure™ Non-Woven Sponge 4" x 4"/40 GRWT 4 ply ENC4100

Ultra Gauze™ Sponge 3" x 3"/40 GRWT 4 ply ENC3NWU

Premium Non-Woven Sponge 2" x 2"/50 GRWT 4 ply ENCNW

Premium Braided Cotton Roll 1.5" x .375" DNCB

CSR Wraps

Sample Pack Includes:

1 CSR Sterilization Wrap 12” x 12” SW12

1 CSR Sterilization Wrap 15” x 15” SW15

1 CSR Sterilization Wrap 18” x 18” SW18

Sterilization kit

Sure-Check™ Sterilization Pouch 3.5" x 9" SCS2

STEAMPlus Class 5 Chemical Integrators 4" x .75" SSI-100

Duo-Check™ Sterilization Pouch 3.5" x 9" SCS

Sample Pack Includes:

Disposable Prophy Angles

twist™ plus Prophy Angle Soft Cup, Gray TPLUSPASC

Prophy Paste

Sparkle™ Fine Grit, Bubble Gum UPFBG

Sparkle™ Medium Grit, Cherry UPMCH

Sparkle™ Coarse Grit, Mint UPCM

Sparkle™  FREE Medium Grit, Fruity UPSFMF

ProGuard™ 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish



Sani-Cloth® AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipe, Large Individual Wipe (SANAFLI3)

Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipe, Large Individual Wipe (SANLSI)

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