• Provides the often imitated, but never duplicated Crosstex embossing pattern, which allows moisture to flow horizontally across the towel, protecting patient's clothing. 
  • Offers our exclusive reinforced edge embossing design for added strength and durability where towel clips are placed. 
  • Bonds the layers of tissue (and poly, when applicable) securely together, eliminating seperation of the layers. 
  • Creates the strength of the towel horizontally through the combination of our proprietary manufacturing equipment and tissue formulation. This prevents tearing when a towel clip is applied. 
  • Size 19" x 13"/48 x 33 cm 
  • Crosstex Fold
  • Embossing Pattern Horizontal
Ref.# Description Quantity
WEPBAQ Aqua 500/Case
WEPBGR Green 500/Case
WEPBSI Silver Grey 500/Case
WEPBTB Teddy Bear 500/Case
WEPBBL Blue 500/Case
WEPBLV Lavender 500/Case
WEPBWH White 500/Case
WEPBDR Dusty Rose 500/Case
WEPBPE Peach 500/Case
WEPBYE Yellow 500/Case