Policies & Procedures

These are some of the policies and procedures available upon request.

Assembly of Surgical Trays Policy
Dress Code Attire Policy
Hand Hygiene Policy
Infection Control Policy
Loaner Instrumentation Policy
Washer Disinfector Policy
  • Steam Sterilizer Testing Policy – Flash
  • Steam Sterilizer Testing Policy – Terminal
  • Table-Top Steam Sterilizer In-Office Testing Policy
  • Table-Top Steam Sterilizer Mail-In Testing Policy
  • Disposable Bowie Dick Test Pack Policy
  • Reusable Bowie Dick Test Pack Policy
  • STERIS SYSTEM 1 Monitoring Policy
  • Early Release Implant Form - SAMPLE
  • Product Testing Policy
  • Manual Instrument Tracking Policy
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Monitoring Policy
  • Sterilization Protocols