Duo-Check™ Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches

  • Built-in internal/external process indicators that change color when exposed to a specific temperature
  • Manufactured from medical grade paper with extra-wide chevron to protect against instrument breaching, thumb-notch for easy opening, 6 corner tack seals to prevent curling and other potential contaminants from entering pouch upon opening and a perforated fold to help ensure the adhesive strip forms an airtight seal
  • Once sterilized, contents will remain sterile for up to 3 years provided the integrity of the pouch has not been compromised
  • For use with steam and EtO sterilization processes only
  • Available in 16 sizes

Not made with natural rubber latex

Ref.# Description Quantity
SCZ 2"x8"/5x20 cm 200/Box
SCXX 2.25"x4"/6x10 cm 200/Box
SCX 2.75"x9"/7x23 cm 200/Box
SCQ 3.25"x9"/8x23 cm 200/Box
SCXS 3.5"x5.25"/9x13 cm 200/Box
SCS 3.5"x9"/9x23 cm 200/Box
SCS5 3.5"x9"/9x23 cm 500/Box
SCL322 3.5"x22"/9x56 cm 100/Box
SCB1X 4.25"x11"/11x28 cm 200/Box
SCM 5.25"x10"/13x25 cm 200/Box
SCL515 5.25"x15"/13x38 cm 200/Box
SCL 7.5"x13"/19x33 cm 200/Box
SCL816 8"x16"/20x41 cm 200/Box
SCL1015 10"x15"/25x38 cm 100/Box
SCL1215 12"x15"/30x38 cm 100/Box
SCL1218 12"x18"/30x46 cm 100/Box