Digital Dry Block Incubator

The Crosstex Digital Dry Block Incubator is designed for convenient and reliable incubation of 1 mL Spore Ampules, SporView® SCBIs, SporView®10 SCBIs, and Traditional SCBIs.

  • The electronically-heated aluminum block holds up to 10 units
  • 13 mm well size
  • Temperature and incubation time are displayed digitally
  • Adjustable temperature (5°C to 70°C) and incubation time (0 to 99h 59m)
  • Reaches the set point temperature in 15 minutes or less
  • Transparent lid included to ensure consistent temperature and to protect the units
  • 12 month limited warranty
Ref. # Plug Type Voltage
INC-13A North & South America 110-220
INC-13E Europe 110-220
INC-13U United Kingdom 110-220
INC-13AC Australia & China 110-220