Custom Sterilization Indicator Labels

We specialize in designing and manufacturing Custom Sterilization Indicator Labels used for all sterilization processes [Gamma/E-Beam (Radiation), Ethylene Oxide (EO), Steam, Hydrogen Peroxide/ Plasma (VH2O2), Dry Heat and Formaldehyde].  All our sterilization labels are developed, tested and certified to withstand the harsh environment when exposed to a sterilization process.

Three typical standard designs of our Custom Sterilization Labels

  • Labels Combined with a Chemical Indicator Design your label with your choice of a Chemical Indicator applied to the label to meet your sterilization requirements.  We offer many different sizes, configurations and indicator ink color options.  Typically the Chemical Indicators applied on the labels are shaped a circles (dots) or a ribbon if placed along the side of the label.  We can also help you design a combination label, which can be utilized in one or more sterilization processes.
  • Custom Chemical Indicator Our Custom Chemical Indicators are flood coated substrate which is available in different shapes, sizes, configurations, color options and with or without text. Typically these labels are shaped a circles, squares and rectangles which differ from Crosstex’ standard Chemical Process Indicators (12 mm circles).
  • Autoclavable or Sterilizable Labels Our autoclavable-sterilizable labels do not contain a Chemical Indicator but are designed and validated to withstand sterilization processing.  The autoclavable-sterilizable labels can be manufactured on film substrates and rolls be placed on plastic cores to allow for cleanroom use. These labels are available in custom sizes, shapes and configurations with or without text.

Thank you for considering us for your labeling needs.

To request a quote for your custom label project, please send us a sample or sketch of the label you have in mind and click here to download our Custom Label Request Form.  Please complete the form and email the form with your label sketch to us at

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