ConFirm™ Value Test Service Mail-in Sterilizer Indicators Monitoring Service

3rd party documentation of testing and test results provides a tangible online record when proof of testing and subsequent results must be provided

  • Compatible with steam, EtO, chemical vapor and dry heat sterilizers
  • Results in 24 hours for steam, 72 hours for chemical vapor and 7 days for dry heat and EtO from start of incubation period at processing laboratory
  • Choice of immediate test failure notification by fax or email with a courtesy call the next day from a clinical advisor
  • Results available online 24/7 on our secure, confidential website
  • Complimentary reminder service notifies practice of missed test date by either fax or email
  • Comprehensive  test results are sent quarterly and annually by fax or email
  • MSM™ (Multi-Site Monitoring) Compliance Bridge complimentary service available for practices with multiple locations
  • Spore strips contain highly resistant dual-species bacterial spores providing the most reliable method of testing for an effective sterilization cycle

Does not include postage 

Ref.# Description Quantity
CVT120 12 Tests (Each Packet Contains 1 Test Strip and 1 Control Strip) Each
CVT520 52 Tests (Each Packet Contains 1 Test Strip and 1 Control Strip) Each