Bracket Tray Covers

  • Manufactured from a unique, heavy weight paper
  • Impedes flow of moisture, minimizing seep-through
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors

Not made with natural rubber latex

SIZE A- WEBER/CHAYES 1,000 Carton 9.5"x12.25" 24x31cm FABL- Blue FADR- Dusty Rose FAGR- Green
SIZE B- RITTER 1,000/ Carton 8.5"x12.25" 22x31cm FBAQ- Aqua FBBG- Beige FBBL- Blue
    FBDR- Dusty Rose  FBGR- Green FBLV- Lavender
    FBPE- Peach FBSI- Silver FBWH- White
    FBYE- Yellow        
SIZE C- WEBER HI-LO 1,000/Carton 11"x17.5" 28x44cm FCBL- Blue FCGR- Green FCWH- White
SIZE D- SS WHITE #20 1,000/Carton 10.25"x15.75" 26x40cm FDBL- Blue FDGR- Green FDWH- White
SIZE E- MIDWEST 1,000/Carton 9"x13.5" 26x34cm FEBL- Blue FEWH- White    
SIZE M- MINI 1,000/Carton 5"x8" 13x20cm FMINI- White        
SIZE O- STANDARD ROUND 1,000/Carton 13.5" Diameter 34cm Diameter FOBL- Blue FOWH- White    
SIZE V- VIKING 1,000/Carton 8.5"x11" 22x28cm FVWH- White        
SIZE X- COX 1,000/Carton 11"x11" 28x28cm FCOX- White        
SIZE B- RITTER 500/Carton 8.5"x12.25" 22x31cm FBC- White        
SIZE F- ADEC 500/Carton 8.5"x11" 22x28cm FF- White        


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IFU- Bracket Tray Covers
Instructions for Use (IFU)