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Patient's Choice® : Imaging Comfort Cushions

EDGE-EASE®   Treatment & Prevention
Edge–Ease® adheres to all traditional film, phosphor plates and digital sensor barrier sleeves softening the edges for optimum patient comfort.
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WRAP-EASE®   Treatment & Prevention
A fully adjustable, "All-in-One" seamless barrier sleeve, comfort cushion, and positioning aid that fits all brands of sensors!
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BITEWING-EASE®   Treatment & Prevention
An “All-in-One" seamless barrier sleeve, comfort cushion and bite-wing tab designed for bite-wings. Adjusts to snugly fit all manufacturers' sensors.
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SENSOR SLIPPERS®   Treatment & Prevention
An "All-in-One" cushioned, seamless sensor sleeve, ideal for use with gripping style holders such as Rinn® Uni-Grip® and Eezee-Grip®.
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SLIP-EASETM   Treatment & Prevention
A unique protective cover that slips over all brands of X-ray film, plates, sensors and positioning devices.
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IT’S A WRAPTM Digital X-Ray Comfort Sleeves   Treatment & Prevention
The fully adjustable, all-in-one, seamless and cushioned barrier sleeves designed specifically for use with the popular Schick® CDR® Disposable Bite Hold Tabs and your existing Rinn® style position devices.
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